Late Deadline: May 25

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How To Enter

Part I – Submit your entry online

Step 1:  ALL Users: Create an account using our new 2018 entry portal.
Step 2:  Select the Categories you wish to enter. Use our category guide for assistance.
Step 3:  Submit entry details (title, publication date, article title) for each entry.
Step 4:  Upload electronic artwork for each entry.
Step 5:  Pay entry fee.
Step 6:  Print Entry ID Labels. (does if applicable, see below**)

Part II- Mail-in your entry (if applicable).

New In 2018! We’ve updated our entry forms to make it easier to upload and submit all supporting materials entirely online. No more need to mail-in copies of your full issues! However, we’ll still be accepting mail-in materials for specific categories (listed below) for those who prefer to provide the materials in that way. The option to ship hard copies vs upload digital copies is entirely up to you and will not have any impact on your entries’ score.

Step 1:  Print (3) copies of your Entry ID Label which is automatically generated upon payment
of entry fees.
Step 2:  Attach an Entry ID Label to (3) identical hard copies of the nominated magazine.
Step 3:  Mail in these (3) copies of each entry (with ID Label attached) to Folio:
headquarters. Ship to:

Ship Hard Copies To:
Folio:/Access Intelligence
Attn: Jessica Coonan
761 Main Ave.
iPark Building F, 2nd Floor
Norwalk, CT 06851

**Hard Copies of supporting materials will be accepted in the following categories only:


• Full Issues
• Launch
• Magazine Section
• Overall Editorial Excellence


• Design, New Magazine
• Overall Design (Single Magazine Issue)
• Overall Design Excellence
• Media Kit
• Redesign
• Section Design


Friday, May 4 – Early Deadline
Friday, May 25 – Late Deadline*

$275 for your first Eddie entry, $235 for each additional Eddie entry.
$275 for your first Ozzie entry, $235 for each additional Ozzie entry.

*$75 Late fee applies to all entries submitted after the regular deadline of May 4, 2018.
Note: Award entry fees are non-refundable.
Online payment method: Visa, MasterCard or American Express


Here’s the items we’ll need from you.

  • Artwork: This is an image that will represent your entry should it be named a winner in it’s category. Examples include a screenshot of your website or piece of digital content, image of a magazine cover or spread, photography used in the design. Accepted file types include jpg, png or pdf.
  • Content/Design: You will be asked to upload a pdf of the piece of content or design that you are entering. If you prefer, you can submit a link to the piece of work instead.
  • Mission Statement/Editorial Statement of Purpose: A brief explanation of your publication’s mission, the audience you serve and how you strive to serve that audience. Your mission statement can be the same for all your brand’s entries.
  • Supporting Media Uploads: Please share all links that are pertinent to your entry. If you are entering content, enter the links where our judges will be able to review that content. For example, if you’re entering an app, please enter the itunes link where our judges can download your app. If you entering a social media network, please list links to your social networks.